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Series 328 Matrix

Analogue - Hybrid

Meyertech’s entry-level analogue video matrix system, Series 328 offers high-quality video signal routing of up to 96 cameras to 8 monitors providing solutions for small to medium installations or remote sites as part of an integrated system architecture. Although compact the Series 328 is well specified for its size and includes many of the features you would expect to find on the larger Series 3 system including video loss monitoring, bridge through video on all camera inputs and On Screen Display (OSD) captioning for all camera inputs and monitor outputs. Other features incorporated into the Series 328 include 32 alarm inputs which can be programmed as normally open or normally closed, providing integration with a wide range of 3rd party alarm systems and ‘built-in’ camera & dome drivers for leading manufacturers including Pelco, VCL, Mark Mercer and JVC.

Most of today’s systems cover large areas which require expensive infrastructures to connect each camera individually back to the main control location. However utilising Meyertech’s ZoneVu ZSC range of products it is possible to greatly reduce the infrastructure requirements by utilising the ZVM-328 matrix to operate as a local hub gathering cameras together within a local area for connection to an inter-site trunk system. The matrix switches the required cameras onto the video trunks back to the main control room thereby reducing the infrastructure requirements. This means that instead of needing dozens of video paths between field cameras and the central control point the number can be reduced to eight or less with full control of all of the cameras still being retained.

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