ZoneVu Integrated Video Solutions

ZSC-250IS Integration Module

Analogue - Hybrid

Developed to complement the ZoneVu Intersite architecture by providing a point-point communications via RS232, RS485 or RS422 data extension. Ideal for use over radio or microwave codecs which provide a full duplex clear data channels where the possibility of induced noise is a practical concern. It is a 3 channel intelligent buffer based on our main stream ZSC-250/ZVS-MSI product and can be used to isolate data links from the main intersite system data ring. These units actively filter the incoming data and retransmit the relevant messages on the applicable output port and likewise for the return data. This means that if an output port on the unit is latched up by noise or corrupt data the unit will ignore this as data it is not interested in and will therefore not retransmit this on any other of its ports. Because of this a latch up on one port will not cause a latch up on any of the other ports, and all other remote sites will continue to function normally.

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