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ZVK-22D Keyboard

Digital - Analogue - Hybrid

Based on the same ergonomic user friendly design as the ZVK-77D and keyboard the ZVK-22D takes its place as a mid-range keyboard suitable for stand alone installations or multi-site systems incorporating up to 4096 cameras and 2048 monitors, the ZVK-22D adds a further dimension to Meyertech’s keyboard line up. Although the ZVK-22D has a much smaller ‘footprint’ than it’s larger ZVK-77D sibling it incorporates the same quality materials and is designed to the same rigorous standards, allowing 24-hour, 7-days a week, year in year out operation. It encompasses the same precision engineered wrist support to minimise RSI, PC type full travel low profile shot moulded keys and fully proportional joystick for PTZFI control. One of the major benefits of the ZVK-22D is that the joystick is mounted in the centre of the keyboard offering uncompromised performance for both left and right handed users.

Performance wise the ZVK-22D incorporates many of the advanced features found in the ZVK-77D including DVR control and system alarm handling. Familiar camera control functions, including preset, patrol and mimic facilities are easily accessible. It also supports up to forty-nine individual users each of which are fully audited when used in conjunction with Meyertech’s FUSION-AUDIT software application. A large backlit LCD graphical display is used to convey information directly to the user which is intelligently organised into three distinct areas; the Softkey menu which provides easy menu driven function selection; the keyboard Status Bar and the System Control area. The display instantly informs the operator of any system status changes such as active alarms and camera control status. Also displayed are the current camera and monitor details and the name of the user presently logged-on.

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