ZoneVu Integrated Video Solutions

ZVK-66D Keyboard

Digital - Analogue - Hybrid

The ZVK-66D is a key addition to the ZoneVu product portfolio, providing familiar touch and feel for systems which are managed by a FUSION-VMS. Designed and manufactured to the same standards set by our ZVK-77D keyboard, the ZVK-66D incorporates a 3-axis variable speed control joystick for precise control of both analogue and IP cameras.

The joystick technology employed in the ZVK-66D is fully proportional providing the operator with independent variable speed control of pan, tilt, zoom and iris functions. It also has a centre-mounted button allowing users to quickly switch between lens functions. When the ZVK-66D keyboard is connected to a FUSION-VMS workstation controlling cameras becomes simpler and more intuitive, allowing users to control thousands of cameras across multiple sites. The ZVK-66D can also be used in conjunction with the ZVK-77D to provide a 'neutral-handed' solution for left handed users.

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