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ZVR-130+ Telemetry Receiver

Analogue - Hybrid

Designed primarily for external fixed cameras requiring Wash and Wipe facilities the ZVR-130+ incorporates a host of other advanced features including camera captions, alarm inputs, camera fail detection and remote camera configuration. The On Screen Display (OSD) facilities allow user configuration of a 14-character caption along with alarm and camera status information. To avoid conflict with other system information the OSD can be positioned anywhere on the monitor screen and to ensure the text is always clear it can be displayed in a range of greyscale shades and with or without a border.

Control of the ZVR-130+ is via twisted pair providing command of two relays at the head, which can be used to control functions such as wash and wipe or IR illuminators, whilst also allowing alarm information to be reported back to the operator, on a local or remote site (1), providing details of video loss, or where available forced entry to the camera head or column base via the Tamper alarm. In addition two further alarm contacts are provided which can be assigned for a number of different purposes such as linking a car park pay-station or barrier, or public help point or panic alarm into the system. With the complexity of today’s digital cameras one of the ZVR-130’s major benefits is the ability to remotely configure, back-up and restore (2) camera settings along with its own configuration data via a PC using Meyertech’s MPower software, allowing for simple and easy swap out of the camera or receiver in the event that either becomes damaged by acts of vandalism. The SIP now features RS422 control for full integration with a greater range of cameras.

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