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ZVR-530+ Telemetry Receiver

Analogue - Hybrid

Probably the best selling telemetry receiver in the UK over the last decade the ZVR-530+ continues to be in demand. Incorporating independent Pan, Tilt and Lens speed ranges, (with the pan and tilt speeds fully proportional with respect to the zoom level), the operator is presented with unparalleled levels of control. Advanced features include fully-scaleable Dynamic Privacy Zones, Mimic Patrols, 3-D Dynamic Text, Configurable Auxiliary Relays and Advanced Motor Control setup.

Alarm management facilities which include camera power fail and anti-tamper can be handled locally by the ZVR-530, reported to the local site or reported to a remote site(1) permitting multiple automatic responses to be actioned. With the complexity of today’s digital cameras one of the ZVR-530’s main advantages is the ability to remotely configure, backup(2) and restore(2) all camera settings along with its own configuration data, to a remote PC using Meyertech’s MPower software, providing quick serviceability and easy maintenance. The latest new developments to be incorporated enable most systems to be easily upgraded to utilise the powerful features of the ZVR-530+ (3) including compatibility with the latest FLIR cameras.

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