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A primary requirement for today’s CCTV systems is integration, which is typically defined as being able to operate and control disparate products from a single user interface. The list of products to integrate is often extensive but can be generally categorised as follows: domes, OEM telemetry, displays, DVR’s, OEM alarm and concierge equipment, OEM matrices, system clocks and video transmission equipment. Through integration new levels of system functionality can be realised. Operators can work more efficiently. Instead of requiring a keyboard for each particular Dome or camera for instance, operator functionality is incorporated into the ZoneVu system keyboard.

Automatic event management also becomes possible. Integration of alarms or time scheduling enable DVR’s to be automatically instructed to record a particular camera which has itself been instructed to go to a preset position by the system without any intervention from the operator. The fundamental component in achieving ‘system wide’ integration is the serial integration module, the ‘black box’ that interfaces the various disparate products to the main control system. The ZoneVu name has long been synonymous with the term integration, and now, even more so than ever before with the arrival of the Series ZVS-MSI-23 and the ZVS-MSI-48.

The ZVS-MSI-48, is a half-duplex1 RS422 or RS485 multi-channel serial integration module with three independently configurable SIP’s and an extensive library of OEM Embedded Firmware Drivers providing integration of Domes and OEM telemetry. In the control room the ZVS-MSI-23 delivers multi-channel integration in the form of three RS232 Serial Integration Ports or SIP’s as they are commonly referred to. Full Duplex1 communication is available along with an extensive library of OEM Embedded Firmware Drivers to operate and control DVR’s, Multiplexers and other third party devices. ZoneVu Series ZVS-MSI modules are fully scaleable products and can be configured on-line or off-line using a standard PC and Meyertech’s Mpower ZoneVu configuration software which provides back-up and restore facilities of all the modules setting.

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