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ZVS-TVNP3 Integration Module

Digital-IP - Analogue - Hybrid

Meyertech’s TeleVision Network Protocol 3 Server (TVNP3) server provides a bi-directional protocol and data bridge from a ZoneVu based CCTV control room to the 3rd Party control networks. TVNP is an abbreviation of ‘TeleVision Network Protocol’ and is defined as “A set of layered protocols which, when implemented at a CCTV Control Centre, allows that Control Centre to connect to the CCTV Network.” In more abstract terms, TVNP defines an interface that allows disparate CCTV systems to be connected together to form a single network. This network allows the sharing of resources (primarily Cameras) between systems. TVNP is an open (non-proprietary) protocol that was developed for and is owned by Transport for London (TFL).

The specification does not attempt to constrain the network topology in any way and allows for any Control Centre to connect to multiple neighbouring systems. Meyertech’s TVNP3 server is a piece of equipment that implements Issue 3 of the TVNP protocol. It supports multiple physical connections onto the TVNP network, and constitutes a single Node of the network. It connects also to a standard ZoneVu control system, thereby integrating it into the TVNP network, and allowing cameras to be shared.

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