Keeping students and staff safe is one of the main priorities for every educational institution. Threats such as vandalism, theft and violence often waste valuable resources, making the need for an effective security solution paramount. Meyertech’s flexible and cost-efficient systems help to prevent these threats, minimising repair costs and allowing schools to focus on what really matters, education.

Safer Learning Environments

Having a sense of security around your premises is vital. With Meyertech’s first class surveillance solutions, you can ensure that your institution is fully protected, helping to encourage a positive learning environment and deter bad behaviour. With our effective security systems you can prevent incidents such as theft and bullying, giving all students and staff peace of mind to concentrate on their studies.

Always Protected

Having a reliable solution means you’ll be protected around the clock, a necessity for effectively preventing commonly faced threats such as vandalism and theft. With Meyertech our resilient solutions will make sure you never miss a thing, using redundant recording technology to ensure that your systems are kept fully operational at all times.

Flexible Solutions

With the constant increases in population, educational facilities need flexible solutions to support their expansion without breaking the budget. So whether you need to upgrade or renew your system, Meyertech has the answer, allowing you to get the most out of the investment you have already made.

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