Critical infrastructure sites can face disruption from all sorts of threats. Whether it’s from theft, terrorism or natural disasters, it’s vital to have the right countermeasures in place to protect your assets. With Meyertech’s surveillance solutions you can ensure that your facility runs as smoothly as possible by minimising risk and maximising security.

Resilient Solutions

A resilient solution is an indispensible one, as reliability is just as important as performance. So our solutions have total risk assurance, meaning that in even the worst case scenario, your systems won’t let you down. All our solutions are covered by backup failover servers to lessen the potential risk of service disruption and ensure everything is kept fully operational.

24/7 Support

With the constant evolving challenges that your facility could face, it is essential that security is fully operational at all times. At Meyertech we provide 24/7 support to ensure an immediate response, with a dedicated support team on standby committed to ensuring you are always protected in the event of an emergency.

Unlimited Scalability

Scalable to meet any challenge, Meyertech’s FUSION-Eclipse VMS is the ultimate solution. Critical facilities are constantly opposed with varying threats and require a versatile system to combat them. With Eclipse, operators can proactively protect against these threats, minimising the risk of an incident. Using hierarchy based access control systems, numerous recording channels and endless integration; operators have complete control of the solution.

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