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ZSC-500 & ZSC-1000+ Site Controllers

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The ZoneVu ZSC-500 and ZSC-1000+ Site controllers acknowledge the continuing convergence of traditional CCTV with IP solutions. A unique concept, the ZSC-500 and ZSC-1000+ exploit the latest IT technologies whilst maintaining backward compatibility with legacy CCTV systems and equipment. The philosophy behind the ZSC-500 and ZSC-1000+ is to provide a ‘site model’ whose expandability and performance can be guaranteed. The significance of this is that sites can then be connected together to form independent, yet integrated large-scale systems which require only a single data path and the required number of video trunks between each site.

Key features of both the ZSC-500 and ZSC-1000+ is their ability to control many different 3rd party domes and peripheral equipment installed on the same site. Another feature provided is that of camera and ZoneVu telemetry receiver configuration which can be backed-up and restored using Meyertech’s MPower, ZoneVu configuration software with a Windows PC.

The ZSC-500 is functionally classed as a Slave Site Controller. It provides management of local sites and can import control and export video from sites incorporating a ZSC-1000+. It is therefore used on sites where control of other sites is not a requirement. The ZSC-1000+ is functionally classed as a Master Site Controller. It provides management of local sites as well as Slave Sites and can import/export control and import/export video. Sites incorporating ZSC-1000+’s and ZSC-500’s can be connected together, with the only connection requirement other than video being a single RS485 half duplex data path, to form larger integrated systems. As well as being the ideal foundation for new installations both the ZSC-500 and ZSC-1000+ have been designed to facilitate retro-fitting into existing sites enabling end users to take advantage of the latest emerging CCTV technologies without having to replace their entire control system

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