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Developed to complement the ZoneVu Series 3 video matrix system the ZVP-VDA321-4 is a high performance Video Distribution Amplifier (VDA) and although designed to match the superior specification of the Series 3 matrix it can be used in any solution that requires the distribution of video signals without any loss of image quality. The module provides thirty two independent channels of four outputs per bridged input via six BNC connectors per channel. All connections to the ZVP-VDA321-4 are via the rear panel and it has been designed to fit into a standard 19-inch Euro cubicle. The module itself is a very compact 5U high. Power to the unit is supplied through an external PSU (E.g. one ZVS3-PSU-R per two VDA modules), which is monitored by two power status LED’s on the VDA’s front panel.

The ZVP-VDA-321-4 provides a multi-channel 1-in to 4-out video distribution amplifier with built in Automatic Gain Control (AGC) and is therefore a plug and play solution requiring no engineer set up or configuration for ease of installation and minimum maintenance requirements.The AGC function operates on the video sync pulse and will scale the entire video signal in order to restore that level to 0.3 Volt. Each of the 32 video inputs has a bridging connection to allow the video input to be daisy-chained. Where the unit is at the end of the chain, then the bridged input can be used to terminate the video signal with a suitable 75R termination plug.

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