ZoneVu Integrated Video Solutions

Video Management Server

Digital-IP - Analogue - Hybrid

In a ‘pure’ digital environment the ZoneVu-VMS (Video Management Server) provides a totally IP based security solution managing IP camera streams, NVR streams, Codec streams, workstations, virtual monitor walls and third party system alarms including fire, access control, building management and many others. The ZoneVu-VMS was developed with IT-centric architectures in mind as it is capable of being deployed either as a standard server topology or virtualised on a VMware platform.

A key feature of the ZoneVu-VMS is its resiliance. In mission-critical applications additional ZoneVu-VMS servers can be deployed providing primary, secondary, teriary, quaternary, quinary, senary, septenary, octonary, nonary, and denary fail-over. This means if one server goes down management of your surveillance system simply fails over to the next server automatically without any interuption in service.

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