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Meyertech’s ZoneVu-VMW is a powerful video processing appliance which resolves digital-IP video streams into multi-image DVI virtual monitors for display on monitor walls E.G. 40-inch-plus plasma, LCD or projection. Each ZoneVu-VMW can support up to four monitors of any size and any format E.G. 4:3, 16:9 which enables the creation of a large virtual monitor wall in your CCTV control room and can be used as a shared resource by any or all FUSION workstation operators. Using the virtual monitor wall is simplicity itself. Operators simply drag & drop camera icons from FUSION-Core to display the image on the desired virtual monitor.

As a shared resource a virtual monitor wall is a critical element in any ‘major incident’ planning, allowing generic and site specific special arrangements to be implemented. Display layouts can be pre-configured and categorised to suit the type of emergency. When a major incident is declared by the emergency services, E.G. the Police or Local Authority, the appropriate screen layouts can be instantly recalled and viewed by everyone in the control room to provide a cohesive response. The ZoneVu-VMW can also be used to display layouts of images relating to scheduled events, events which can be pre-programmed to occur in relation to times & dates. Quite often these events are repeated E.G. football matches, rush hour traffic. Being able to pre-configure the virtual monitor wall layouts prior to the event ensures a consistent response and an ideal facility for training staff. Alarm events by their very nature are unscheduled events but that does not mean you cannot be prepared. For every alarm event a measured response can be planned to view the source and ‘fallout’ of the alarm event. Vital in this process is being able to view the correct images in relation to the alarm. The ZoneVu-VMW has the ability to display recorded images to determine the cause of the alarm and live images to monitor the ‘fallout’ of the alarm. Graphics from the FUSION-Core can also be displayed providing additional information to operators.

As a member of ONVIF, the open industry forum committed to the development of global standards of IP based security products, Meyertech can ensure interoperability between products regardless of manufacturer. Meyertech’s digital-IP VMS portfolio includes the ZoneVu-VMM (an appliance for managing multiple video streams), FUSION-Core (a video management system software application for controlling video-based security systems) and the ZoneVu-VMW (an appliance for controlling virtual monitor walls). Together these products offer designers a totally integrated analogue, hybrid and digital-IP unified solution.

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