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Virtual Matrix Manager

Digital-IP - Analogue - Hybrid

Part of Meyertech’s Video Management System (VMS) product family the ZoneVu VMM manages multiple video streams in a digital-IP or hybrid based system. It’s innovative design incorporates technology capable of administering over one million sources to over one million destinations. In a ‘pure’ IP environment the ZoneVu-VMM provides a totally unified security solution integrating IP cameras, NVR streams, Codec’s workstations and virtual monitor walls. If your system is currently analogue based and you want to start to migrate to digital-IP technology the ZoneVu-VMM ‘bridges the gap’ between analogue and digital-IP providing a fully integrated Hybrid solution by combining the quality of your analogue matrix with the versatility of the virtual matrix manager.

As a member of ONVIF, the open industry forum committed to the development of global standards of IP based security products, Meyertech can ensure interoperability between products regardless of manufacturer. Meyertech’s digital-IP VMS portfolio includes the ZoneVu-VMM (an appliance for managing multiple video streams), FUSION-Core (a video management system software application for controlling video-based security systems) and the ZoneVu-VMW (an appliance for controlling virtual monitor walls). Together these products offer designers a totally integrated analogue, hybrid and digital-IP unified solution.

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