Air Transport Industry

With safety procedures under constant review and heightened security checks across the globe, the need for resilient surveillance solutions has never been greater. It’s paramount for airports to have reliable and effective systems that ensure staff and passengers are kept safe. As the leading British VMS developer and service provider, we dedicate ourselves in providing just that, offering flexible, future-proof solutions that meet the tough security demands of an airport environment.


Active in several airports worldwide, Meyertech’s first class surveillance solutions provide proactive protection against threats to airport security. Flexible and cost efficient, our systems scale to your requirements, delivering a wide range of capabilities and third party integrations to ensure an all-round safer terminal.

Extreme Reliability

A resilient solution is an indispensible one, as reliability is just as important as performance. So at Meyertech our solutions have total risk assurance, meaning that in even the worst case scenario, your systems won’t let you down. All our solutions are covered by backup failover servers to lessen the potential risk of service disruption and ensure everything is kept fully operational.

Unlimited Scalability

Airports are constantly opposed with varying threats and require a versatile system to combat them. Scalable to meet any challenge, Meyertech’s solutions give operators just that. Using hierarchy based access control systems, numerous recording channels and endless integration; you have complete control of the solution to minimise any risk of an incident.

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