Public Space

Safety is a priority concern for every city. As populations grow, communities are constantly challenged by threats such as environmental damage and criminal activity, requiring more and more resources to combat them. With Meyertech’s integrated, digital surveillance solutions you can effectively protect your communities by reducing response times to create a safer, more secure environment.

Protecting Your Community

Anything can happen in your city, which is why Meyertech provide a cost-efficient solution to make sure nothing goes unseen. Implemented as an integrated, digital solution, our resilient systems help to deter criminal activity and reduce response times through real-time insights so you can effectively protect your citizens and property.

Stay Supported

With the on-going challenges that communities face, it is essential that security systems are fully operational at all times. At Meyertech we provide 24/7 support to ensure an immediate response, with a dedicated support team on standby committed to ensuring you are always protected in the event of an emergency.

Endless Integration

Cost is key, which is why Meyertech solutions are designed to maximise both efficiency and cost effectiveness. With the powerful FUSION-Eclipse VMS you have a truly unrivalled level of integration, allowing you to combine all of your third party cameras, alarms and system peripherals into one single unified solution, reducing response times and making your city better protected.

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