Transport CCTV Systems

Efficient transport monitoring

With millions of people travelling by public and private transport every day, there is always the potential for an accident or safety hazard to occur. Transport monitoring has become a vital safety precaution that ensures incidents are identified quickly so that emergency services can respond proactively.

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Meyertech has worked on a number of notable projects across the UK and worldwide including:

  • 01Hindhead Tunnel
  • 02M42
  • 03M6 Toll
  • 04Mersey Tunnel
  • 05Nexus
Transport CCTV Systems

Key solution features

Our FUSION VMS provides a number of features that are ideal for CCTV systems monitoring motorways such as:

  • 01Multimedia Video Wall
  • 02Interactive Maps
  • 03Incident Reporting
  • 04Unlimited System Scalability
  • 05User Permissions

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