Critical Infrastructure

Infrastructure CCTV Systems

Protecting high priority sites

Critical infrastructure sites can face disruption from all sorts of threats. Whether it’s from theft, terrorism or natural disasters, it’s vital to have the right countermeasures in place to protect your assets. With Meyertech’s intelligent CCTV systems you can ensure that your facility runs as smoothly as possible by minimising risk and maximising security.

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Meyertech has worked on a number of notable projects across the UK and worldwide including:

  • 01Sellafield
  • 02Magnox
Infrastructure CCTV Systems

Key solution features

Our FUSION VMS provides a number of features that are ideal for CCTV systems protecting large infrastructure sites such as:

  • 01Video Monitor Wall
  • 02Interactive Maps
  • 03Intuitive Interface
  • 05Resilient Failover Systems
  • 05User Permissions

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