Integration Modules

Meyertech's integration modules enable your ZoneVu system to be the central element of your CCTV operation. They are capable of integrating domes, OEM telemetry, OEM matrices, DVR's and alarm and concierge equipment. They are also capable of integrating complete remote sites over many different communication mediums. Your ZoneVu system can also be integrated into a third-party system by using our TVNP server.

Product Select:
ZoneVu ZSC-250IS


Compatibility: Analogue, Hybrid

The ZSC-250IS was developed to complement the ZoneVu inter-site architecture. It is ideal for use over radio or microwave codecs to provide full duplex clear data channels where the possibility of induced noise is a practical concern. It is a 3 channel intelligent buffer that can be used to isolate data links from the main inter-site system data ring.

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Compatibility: Analogue, Hybrid

The ZVS-MSI modules are fully scalable products that can be configured on-line or off-line to deliver multi-channel integration in the control room. They are capable of providing system wide integration using an extensive library of OEM embedded firmware drivers to integrate: domes, OEM telemetry, DVR's, multiplexers and other third party devices.

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Compatibility: Analogue, Hybrid, Digital

The TeleVision Network Protocol 3 Server (TVNP3) provides a bi-directional protocol and data bridge from a ZoneVu based CCTV control room to the third party control networks. It allows disparate CCTV systems to be connected together to form a single network and also enables the sharing of resources between these systems. TVNP is an open (non-proprietary) protocol that was developed for and is owned by Transport for London (TFL).

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